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Companies Funded

T3DC, The Texas Technology Development Center, began reviewing applications for funding in November 2009, focusing on early-stage, high-potential technology companies whose innovations in life and physical sciences provide exciting opportunities for economic success.
T3DC is reviewing applications quarterly. We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Rapamycin Holdings

San Antonio, Texas based Rapamycin Holdings, Inc. (RHI) is developing and commercializing a patented oral formulation of Rapamycin for the
prevention of cancer progression and recurrence.

RHI began operations in late 2012 and has a portfolio covering four issued patents, 7 UTHSCSA patents pending, and 3 RHI patents pending for the use of Rapamycin and/or our patented formulation of rapamycin to address large market opportunities in dementia, cancer, autoimmune disease and post-surgical adhesions. These patents cover the novel formulation as a composition of matter, the manufacturing process for the formulation, and a variety of method of use patents covering our unique dosing and treatment regimens in multiple target disease indications.

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Geekdom Fund II, LLP

The Geekdom Fund L.P. is a venture capital fund that invests in early stage IT startups
in San Antonio, South Texas and beyond. It is managed by Riverwalk Capital, LLC.

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Targeted Technology

The Targeted Technology Funds are focused on early stage investments in companies that
we believe can advance ground breaking or disruptive technologies to significantly improve
the practice of medicine and patient outcomes. They favor technologies that can positively
improve the efficiency, cost, or functionality of the development and manufacture of life science
products and believe that their life science investment model is particularly suited to today’s
healthcare and economic environment. One that favors innovations that can improve clinical
outcomes and patient care, while at the same time reducing healthcare costs.  

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InCube Labs

Multi-disciplinary life sciences R&D lab focused on developing breakthrough medical innovations.

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Cardiovate is a medical technology company that targets transformational health care opportunities in tissue regeneration and repair through the development of novel products that utilize proprietary materials and processes along with a deep understanding of clinical needs. The Cardiovate scaffold promotes the patient’s own cells to organize into a viable tissue after implantation for repair or replacement of damaged and diseased vasculature.

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The founders of HelpSocial started as employees of Rackspace Hosting. It is because of their experiences and their commitment to being helpful in everything they do, that HelpSocial exists today. The tools for the job of social customer care were lacking and they seeked out to develop a platform that could help them serve their customers in social media that went beyond features, functions, UI design, API, and scale the operation across an enterprise. The HelpSocial platform was developed in a live production environment while using it to serve customers at the same time. This allowed them to make great development decisions and has resulted in a workflow that exists specifically to solve the unique problems that got in the way of delivering support.

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Parlevel is a full-featured vending software solution that delivers real-time visibility into vending and office coffee service operations. From warehouse to field, Parlevel clients have access to detailed data and analytics that provide a 360 degree view of its’ businesses. Powerful features like pre-kitting and intelligent route optimization can help streamline operations. Parlevel integrates with vending machines both old and new – delivering 100% coverage across the entire operation.

Parlevel’s mobile app and real-time updates enables clients to monitor drivers as they service their routes and reduces errors attributable to double entry. And Parlevel’s automated reconciliation feature helps ensure that no money goes missing in a fraction of the time it takes to reconcile by hand.

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Invictus Medical, Inc.


Founded in 2012, Invictus Medical is a privately owned Delaware “C” Corporation with headquarters located in San Antonio, Texas. Currently, we are in the later stages of developing our award-winning extracranial pressure relief technology designed to aid in the prevention of cranial deformations in newborns. The prevalence of plagiocephaly in the United States has increased from 5 percent of all newborns in the 1990s to between 20 percent and 30 percent at present. Additionally, plagiocephaly has been associated with heightened risk for developmental delays in infants and toddlers. Invictus Medical is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, innovative solutions for the unmet needs of newborns, their caregivers and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) professionals.

Our Vision: To improve the lives of newborns and the individuals who care for them.

Our Mission: To secure early healthy development in newborns by providing innovative products, services, and solutions to the healthcare professional and consumer markets.

Our Commitment to Quality: Invictus Medical is committed to providing safe and effective medical products and high levels of service to the healthcare and consumer markets.

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OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Inc.

OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Inc. (formerly OtoMetrix Medical Technologies, Inc.) is commercializing a ground-breaking, patented, Doppler ultrasound medical device to rapidly and accurately diagnose middle ear infections, called Otitis Media (OM), in children and adults. 17.6 Million patient visits each year are coded to OM at a cost of more than $5 Billion/year, yet clinical studies show a 50% error rate in diagnosis.

Otitis Media is the #1 reason for antibiotics prescriptions in children and the #1 cause for surgery in children. Current diagnostic methods are decades old and, critically, cannot distinguish the type of infection behind the tympanic membrane (eardrum). Our handheld device is designed to quickly and accurately detect both the presence and the type of fluid behind the eardrum in a second or less, providing, for the first time, objective, definitive diagnostic data, leading to increased accuracy, earlier and better treatment, reduced antibiotic use, and reduced healthcare costs.

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Metric Medical Devices Inc.

Metric Medical Devices, Inc.’s mission is to develop advanced orthopedic implant systems for musculoskeletal fixation. Metric develops, manufactures and is commercializing products to advance the standard of care in the treatment of disease and trauma. The orthopedic fracture and internal fixation market exceeds $2.6 billion annually for the foot and hand and is expected to exceed $4.6 billion annually by 2015 due to the growing related disorders of obesity, diabetes, and arthritis as well as the population’s increasing age and active lifestyle.

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StemBioSys, LLC.

StemBioSys, LLC Inc., develops and licenses novel, proprietary stem cell technologies to meet the promise of regenerative medicine in a surging global market. The company's first manufactured product is XC-marrow ECM™Bone Marrow – High Performance MicroEnvironment™ (BM-HPME™) , a unique extracellular matrix which provides a native three-dimensional environment for rapid isolation and expansion of stem cells derived from various sources including bone marrow, adipose tissue, umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue. Compared with culture media currently in use, cells cultured on this next-generation ECM grow 7 to 10 times faster and maintain their stem cell qualities ("stemness") in unprecedented fashion.

StemBioSys is focused on final process development activities for our patented core technology, BM-HPME™ and scale up of our cGMP facility with partner BioBridge Global. We are also beginning to explore business relationships with potential partners for other, next generation, product offerings from this versatile platform technology.

StemBioSys technology also isolates and expands large and hitherto unrecognized quantities of pluri-potent, embryonic-like mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from human umbilical cord blood. Such cells can advance future stem cell applications in regenerating human tissues including nerve, muscle, skin, bone, adipose, cartilage, glandular cells and blood vessels.

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