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Articles and Reports

This page contains a series of informative articles authored by Dr. Randy Goldsmith. Dr. Goldsmith serves as a consultant to T3DC and additionally serves as the Investor In Residence to the South Texas RCIC. Click to view Dr. Goldsmith’s bio .

We believe you will find this series of articles will provide insight and guidance to both the entrepreneur and the potential investor as they investigate the feasibility and financial attractiveness of a new venture opportunity.

Fundamental Terms for Understanding the Investment Process

by H. Randall Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Entrepreneurs often find themselves at a disadvantage in raising capital because they are not aware of the options available to them. The choice of method can determine the type of investor most likely to be attracted to the investment opportunity. Generally, passive investors will be more inclined toward a private placement memorandum while an active angel investor will be more attracted to a business plan proposal. Full Article ›

High Tech VS. High Performance Enterprises

A case for developing regional strategies for innovation led economic development. By H. Randall GoldsmithHPIIEs: Who are they?In 1979 David Birch coined the term Gazelle to describe companies whose employment growth rate exceeded 20 percent per year. Birch was one of the first economists to recognize these fast growing startup companies created the vast majority of jobs in the United States. While Gazelles are found in all industry sectors, a large percentage exist in the retail and wholesale industry sectors. Full Article ›

Positioning Your Company for Investor Funding

By H. Randall Goldsmith, Ph.D.

A small minority of companies qualify for funding in any given year. Over the past few years the number of companies receiving private equity investment capital from unrelated investors (angels or angel groups) is about 50,000 per year. The average amount of initial investment in a new venture opportunity by angels is about $500,000 with investment contributions from 3 to 5 investors. Full Article ›

Research: The Golden Goose of Economic Development

By H. Randall Goldsmith, PhD

Technology means different things to different people. Webster defines technology as the science or systematic knowledge of the industrial arts. A commonly accepted practical application of the term technology is a state of the art product, process, material, design, or know-how. Generally speaking, technology is a product of research and development. While R&D is a common term used everyday, it has multiple dimensions and implications. Full Article ›

The Angel Investment Environment

By H. Randall Goldsmith

I came across a quote recently from Tim Draper, a legendary investor and a founder of Draper Fischer Jurvetson, a venture capital firm that has backed successes such as e-bay, Hotmail, and Skype. He said, "We are looking for uniqueness. I like companies that are taking long odds at an extraordinary outcome…companies that set out to change the way we live."

Not every opportunity meets that criteria, but it is the quest of every investor. Full Article ›

Why High Performance Companies Important to Our Economy

By H. Randall Goldsmith

When posed with the question "Are you doing as well today as you were 5 years ago?" several quality of life measures are likely to cross your mind. However, the one universal measure that will come to mind is income. We all tend to use income as a measure of our personal status and rightfully so.

Income for us is the reward for work. We work for income to provide us with life's basic needs and the "needs" and "wants" beyond. Full Article ›