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Entrepreneurs are the key ingredient to sustainable economies. Entrepreneurs and their ability to bring innovations to market define progress. In times of high entrepreneurial activity, growth happens. However, growth is not equally distributed in the U.S. economy. Some areas grow faster than others while some may not grow at all. Regional economies that offer a strong innovation ecosystem where technology, risk capital and risk takers abound and converge have a competitive advantage over communities with weaker innovation factors.

T3DC’s mission is to offer San Antonio an entrepreneurial service organization with the ability to coordinate and mobilize risk capital and match it with a programmatic process for helping entrepreneurs become investment quality ventures. Success in this effort enhances San Antonio’s competitive advantage in accelerating innovation-led economic development. In short, T3DC is all about growing the San Antonio economy through entrepreneurship.

OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Inc. (formerly OtoMetrix Medical Technologies, Inc.)